Spartherm Varia M-80h

The Varia M-80h RLU fireplace insert offers a particularly spectacular view of the play of the flames. The simply designed rectangular viewing pane of the fireplace insert draws attention directly to the romance of the fire. Even large rooms can be heated effortlessly with it. It draws its combustion air independently of the room air, the fireplace door can be pushed up and is self-closing. If desired, the digital S-Thermatik NEO control offers support in controlling the fireplace and regulating the air supply.

Varia M-80h is a regular-sized wood fire insert that will fit a standard chimney or false chimneybreast. It has smooth black frames and a vertically sliding glass door for ease of access. Like many Spartherm fires, it is capable of ducting warm air throughout the home. It has a heat output of 11.7 kW and 78% energy efficiency.