Stovax County 3

A stylish multi-fuel stove which combines classic looks with cutting edge technology. The Stovax County 3 is ideal for smaller rooms or inglenooks where space is limited. The County 3 has a 4.8kW output and benefits from being Ecodesign Ready and is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Character, charm and high-performance heat. The new Stovax County 3 combines timeless styling with advanced combustion systems, resulting in an Ecodesign Ready stove range that’s as easy on the eye as it is practical. Offering impressive flame visuals, the County 3 features responsive slide controls to easily manage heat and airflow, plus innovative firebox engineering that ensures these stoves can be enjoyed in even the most urban of homes.

With its rustic-meets-modern exterior, the County 3 multi-fuel stove is designed to offer personality in whichever room it graces, as well as practical and high-efficiency heat. Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA exempt, this neat stove is suited to both town and country living alike.

The charming Stovax County 3 multi-fuel stove features a compact rustic exterior designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors. Incorporating timeless styling including a classic arched window and door bevelling, this delightful stove offers spectacular flame views with Ecodesign Ready performance.

Although smaller than the County 5, thanks to its proportions the County 3 is equally suitable for houseboats, summerhouses and garden workshops. Being Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA exempt as standard for use in Smoke Control Areas, this adaptable multi-fuel stove can also be used to burn both mineral fuel and wood.