Stovax Futura 8

If you need a wood burning stove to heat a larger room or open-plan living area, the Stovax Futura 8 is a superb choice! This dedicated woodburner features an innovative, stainless steel air control that offers a quick start-up boost mode, allowing for effortless lighting and relighting.

Designed to heat larger spaces with an impressive 8.0kW of heat, the Stovax Futura 8 is a large log burner offering stylish looks, spectacular flame visuals, and high efficiency Ecodesign performance. With a minimal contemporary aesthetic and responsive stainless steel air control, the Futura 8 is a perfect fit with all kinds of interior styles. Meanwhile, the hefty heat output, coupled with a state-of-the-art convector heat system and Integrated Heat Shields ensure you can keep the whole family warm with ease.

Like the others in the range, the Futura 8 benefits from an Integrated External Air Connection which allows it to draw combustion air directly from the outside of your property, negating the need for additional ventilation, and so creating a room-sealed installation.

Whether you live in the countryside or an urban area, Futura 8 wood burners are DEFRA Smoke Control Zone exempt as standard and therefore suitable for use anywhere in the UK. Combine this with a Futura’s elegantly subtle curvature, and you’re left with the perfect focal point for an impressive evening’s entertainment, or cosy night in!