Stovax Huntingdon 40

The newly relaunched Huntingdon 40 now fully Ecodesign ready, will elevate your home with a majestic presence. Its graceful design and expansive viewing window captivate, offering an enhancing focal point while efficiently heating larger spaces.

Crafted for performance and style, the Huntingdon 40 is tailored to deliver exceptional heat output for expansive rooms and grand living areas. Combining classic cast iron aesthetics with cutting edge convector combustion technology, this stove reduces clearance requirements without compromising on warmth.

Available with your choice of a tracery or clear door, both versions feature a generously sized viewing window, providing mesmerising views of dancing flames. The Huntingdon 40 is DEFRA exempt, meeting rigorous emissions standards and approved for use throughout the UK. Packed with cutting edge technology including Cleanburn and a powerful Airwash for clean glass, this is a stove that will become a major appliance in your home and one that will serve you proud for many years.

  • Nominal Heat Output 8kW
  • Efficiency 82.7% (A+)
  • Clear or Tracery Door Options
  • Woodburning Model
  • Ecodesign plus
  • Cleanburn & Airwash Systems