Stovax Studio Air 1 Freestanding

Designed to be sat on a suitable base or a bench/plinth, the Studio 1 Air Freestanding offers a contemporary take on a standard wood burning stove. This wide-bodied appliance features a panoramic glass door giving you the ultimate flame view whilst burning wood cleanly and efficiently.

Constructed from steel with a huge glass door extending the full width of the stove, the highly advanced, freestanding Stovax Studio 1 Air not only looks sensational, it is a superb heating source with a nominal heat output of 5kW and high energy efficiency rating of 79.6%.

This cutting-edge, Freestanding log burner can either be installed in a fireplace chamber, freestanding against a wall, or mounted on a stove bench.

The Studio Air 1 Freestanding offers heating performance of the cassette version, but with the presence of a standalone stove. With its built-in heat shield, the 1 Freestanding provides significantly reduced minimum distance to combustibles, allowing greater scope for your installation aspirations and accommodating a wider range of materials in your design.

The Studio 1 Air incorporates the latest in dedicated woodburning technology, providing a wealth of features that allow it to burn with outstanding efficiency. It boasts state-of-the-art precision airflow combustion systems that ensure this amazing appliance is DEFRA Smoke Control Area exempt as standard. The Stovax Studio 1 Air burns with minimal emissions, effortlessly exceeding Ecodesign standards.

A rapid start-up ‘boost mode’ makes it easy to ignite logs, even in a cold appliance. Whether you want a lazy flame, or a vivid roar, your Studio 1 Air gives you full control over your fire thanks to its innovative and easy-to-use single air control, requiring only light operation for responsive and instant adjustment.