Dik Geurts Jannik Medium

From the well-known brand of wood stove manufacturers based in the Netherlands, the Jannik Medium is instantly recognisable with it’s square proportions, large window and clever door mechanism which takes inspiration from industrial design.

The Dik Geurts Jannik Medium is a small version of the existing Jannik wood burning stove. Features include the large glass window giving an uninterrupted view of the fire. The air-slider allows the fire to be regulated accurately and the stove has a nominal rated heat output of 4.9kW.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the Jannik Medium Low is well suited for UK homes, with practical features such as Class 1 chimney compatibility and DEFRA approval. An ideal sized woodburner for small to medium sized rooms, you can enjoy watching the mesmerising flames through the glass viewing window whilst being assured you are getting the maximum heat from the fuel burnt.

The Jannik Medium comes with it’s unique ball shaped door handle and visible handle assembly which adds to it’s traditional appeal. Sturdy steel construction finished in a classic dark anthracite paint finish allow this unique design to work well in a variety of interior styles whether you plan to recess into a chimney chamber or fit freestanding in the room.

Designed for connection to either the top or rear of the stove with a 125mm (5″) flue.

Also available as a high version, with a log store.